Breakfast Barstool

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This 4-score backless barstool by Johnston Casuals is absolutely gorgeous. This stool is stunning and made with the finest materials in the industry.
The stool is one of our “made for counters” stool designs as its height allows it to easily slide under kitchen counters when not in use. 20.5″ width, 13″ depth, 30″ height11.5″ seat depthShown in...
Product Number: 7429-30 19″ Width, 21″ Depth, 45″ HeightSWIVEL Shown in Platinum Finish
Product Number: 2401-30 18″ width, 21″ depthShown in Platinum Finish
Product Number: 2499-30 18″ width, 21″ depth, 47″ heightSWIVELShown in Antique Alloy
Product Number: 1719-30 16″ width, 20″ depth, 43″ heightShown in Platinum Finish
Product Number: 1529H-30 18″ width, 23″ depthSWIVELShown in: Platinum Finish with Gunmetal Finish on the Honey insert
Product Number: 1529R-30 18″ width, 23″ depthSWIVELShown in: Platinum Finish with Black Finish on the Solo insert 
Product Number: 7829-30 22″ width, 22″ depth, 43″ heightSWIVEL Shown in Platinum Finish
Product Number: 8529-30 20″ Width, 22″ Depth, 44″ HeightShown in Graphite Finish

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